Dry, Sweet, Sparkling…

Individual wines and sparkling wines on offer in the RheinWeinWelt

The wines and sparkling wines that we communicate and offer in the RheinWeinWelt are not just any industrial mass products but hand crafted specialities, individualists made by individualists. We see ourselves as mediator between the skill of wine making and the preferences of our customers.

Let yourself be inspired by the pure act of tasting from our dispensers. Get excited by our exciting range of wines and sparkling wines on offer in a thrilling combination with food and culture. Share our passion!

Sparkling wines from Best Sites

Local sparkling wines are highly regarded by international experts. These sparklings combine exclusivity and the very best craftsmanship with unique flavour. In our shop, we have on offer a fine selection of sparkling wines of top producers of the area as well as our own brand.

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