Wine Estate Raddeck


Weingut Raddeck
Am Hummertal 100
55283 Nierstein

Telefon: +49 (0) 61 33 - 58 115
Telefax: +49 (0) 61 33 - 58 331



Wines are individuals, just like the people who created them – just like the 10 generation of wine makers of the Raddeck wine estate. This means an immense treasure of experience as well as an abundance of new ideas and projects. It is the way to create excellent wines acting as ambassadors of the most exciting wine regions of Germany: Roter Hang in Rhinehessen. 

A high iron trace renders the soils red and gives the wines originating from that special ground its characteristic minerality. This geological jewel is the origin of our best Rieslings, showing their source with price. The Raddeck family enable biodiversity with the ground covering of their vineyards, keeping the monoculture in check and providing a valuable habitat for beneficial insects.

This minimizes pest control efficiently and roots are able to stabilize the soil, preventing erosion. As long as the ecosystem of the vineyards is kept in balance, good, healthy grapes are produced, resulting in excellent wine.

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