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Weingut Kaufmann
Rheinallee 6
65347 Eltville–Hattenheim

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Urban Kaufmann has dedicated the first half of his life to the milk of Appenzell cows. As owner of one of the best dairy producers of Switzerland, he meticulously oversaw the transformation from fragrant milk of the green pastures of his home country to the aromatic Appenzell cheese. But then there came a time for new ventures. After intensive research of some of Europe´s best wine growing regions, he finally ended up in the Rheingau.

Then things moved fast. From Maître Fromager to wine maker who turns the grapes of his new home to true Rhine gold. For Eva Raps from Franconia, good food and good wine are inseparable. Small wonder then that she trained as chef. 

Thereafter she climbed the career ladder up to the managing director of one of the most important associations for quality wine worldwide – the Association of German Predicate Wines (VDP). Valuable experiences from that time are implemented now as manager of the wine estate.

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