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Weingut Didinger
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56340 Osterspai

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The Didinger Wine Estate has been producing wine since 1620 and is the only wine estate in Osterspay that owns sites on the opposite river bank, called Bopparder Hamm. Bopparder Hamm is the largest single vineyard site in the Middle Rhine region. Jens Didinger, together with his wife  Veronica and daughter Ida cultivates 6 hectares of steep sloped vineyards which are planted with 90% Riesling.

Wine farming is close to nature which means no insecticides and only the use of compost and pomace for fertilization. The Rieslings undergo slightly cooled fermentation in steel tanks, with spontaneous fermentation gaining more and more importance. This results in wines which show characteristics of refreshing, fruity and spicy notes with an underlying racy acidity.

They show good aging potential yet are really enjoyable too when young. This combination is what makes Didinger wines so exciting. Wine lovers do not only appreciate their wine but also their beautiful wine restaurant with vine arbour and panorama views over the river Rhine on the site Feuerlay.

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