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    We offer an extensive selection of fine local and regional products and specialities such as hand crafted cheese from Rheingau Affineur or Butcher Bach.

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    Gourmet Cheese Course with Cheese Tasting and Wine

    In this course you will learn how to make traditional hand-crafted
    cheese in small copper vats. 

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    Hungry for Excitement? Here's the Happy End for Wine Lovers!

    Discover our unusual wine accessories and specialities – some of the
    delis on offer are from our own production.

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Rüdesheim landmark turns into „Las Vegas“ for wine lovers

The game with aromas is a jackpot

Caught in the middle between the exciting contrasts of old and new, wine instead of brandy is now enjoyed in the RheinWeinWelt in Rüdesheim. Contrasts are unified and playing with wine aromas turns into a physical adventure which is quite unique in Germany.

Just as scintillating Las Vegas, the original glass tiles of the historic wine tanks glitter and sparkle. Walk- in tanks where the flow of wine and fun of tasting never stops.76 wine estates stretch along 165km of river Rhine, from Nierstein to Königswinter, inviting you to enter and taste wine in an unusual and fun way. Every sip is a winner!

Just like in a casino you will need coins for this. After inserting the coin, specially constructed wine dispensers will fill your glass with a taste of 0,03 l of your chosen wine.

The game goes on with the RheinWeinWelt wine lounge. Need a break from wine tasting? Here you may experience true homemade food on a sophisticated level. Soul food, the kind of food which requires no explanation because it captivates. Savoury dishes, small treats freshly baked cakes and tartes or coffee – all five senses are tickled here at the very latest. Welcome!

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22. Feb

Our Glass Pearl Game

Lovely to drink or as present – our new RheinWeinWelt sparkling wine house brands

22. Feb

New RheinWeinWelt in the Rüdesheim Asbachgasse

Press release of Wiesbadener Kurier

04. Dec

Wine and art attract many visitors

More than 200 guests and wine and art lovers took the opportunity end of November to experience the RheinWeinWelt as art gallery.

01. Dec

Christmas in the RheinWeinWelt

It is Christmas time in the RheinWeinWelt! If you are looking for edible and quaffable Christmas presents, you have come to the right place….

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