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Rüdesheim landmark turns into „Las Vegas“ for wine lovers

The game with aromas is a jackpot

Caught in the middle between the exciting contrasts of old and new, wine instead of brandy is now enjoyed in the RheinWeinWelt in Rüdesheim. Contrasts are unified and playing with wine aromas turns into a physical adventure which is quite unique in Germany.

Just as scintillating Las Vegas, the original glass tiles of the historic wine tanks glitter and sparkle. Walk- in tanks where the flow of wine and fun of tasting never stops.76 wine estates stretch along 165km of river Rhine, from Nierstein to Königswinter, inviting you to enter and taste wine in an unusual and fun way. Every sip is a winner!

Just like in a casino you will need coins for this. After inserting the coin, specially constructed wine dispensers will fill your glass with a taste of 0,03 l of your chosen wine.

The game goes on with the RheinWeinWelt wine lounge. Need a break from wine tasting? Here you may experience true homemade food on a sophisticated level. Soul food, the kind of food which requires no explanation because it captivates. Savoury dishes, small treats freshly baked cakes and tartes or coffee – all five senses are tickled here at the very latest. Welcome!

Instructions for Wine Tasting

  1. Bring along some time and a bit of thirst
  2. It is a cellar, so it´s pleasantly cool in summer but chilly during winter. Please bring along jackets for those winter months
  3. Choose your coins: packs of 10 (€12) or 20 (€22)for each coin you get a taste of 20 ml of your chosen wine
  4. You will receive a wine glass for tasting, a list of all wines plus a pen to make notes, some home-made bread chips, a bag for wine shopping (yours to keep if you purchase 6 bottles of wine or more)
  5. Free personal introduction as to how the wine dispensers work
  6. Simply stroll through the 7 historic brandy tanks and the large room in the back and choose your wine from the over 80 wine makers from the wine growing regions Rhine Palatinate, Middle Rhine and Rheingau along the 180 Rhine kilometres!
  7. Hold the glass well under the tap, put the coin in the slot, press the button and enjoy your fresh, cool wine!
  8. If you like, you can buy the wine straight away and put it in your shopping bag
  9. Coins can be „topped up“ at any time (you can buy more coins at any stage)

By the way… A bag of coins are a great present!

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