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Weingut Sturm
Im Rosenberg 3
56599 Leutesdorf

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If you are looking for an emblem or ancient traditions – you are looking in vain. Wine estate Sturm was established only recently, in 2011. This estate which was little known initially has by means of consistent quality and a clear signature grown to an established entity in the northern Middle Rhine area.

The economic editor Martin Sturm finished a vintners training and gained practice in winemaking at the Middle Rhine area before starting his own wine estate. Grapes of the estate are harvested from steep and very steep slopes only. They are the basis for strong, individual wines. Vineyards are situated right next to the river Rhine and are very diverse.

Besides slate and greywacke there are diverse mixtures, also with pumice stones which are a peculiarity to Leutesdorf, originating from an eruption of the Laacher Lake volcano about 13.000 years ago. It is that richness in terroir which the Sturm estate strives to explore and wishes to express sensorically.

Due to the fact that organic wine farming of steep slopes is extremely tenuous, it its quite rare. Because of our personal conviction, we have cultivated our wine certified organically right from the start. We are members of the Organic Wine Farmers Association ECOVIN

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