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Weingut Familie Sander
In den Weingärten 11
67582 Mettenheim

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„Wine is the noblest form of the spirit of nature” wrote poet Friedrich Hebbel. He could have had the Family Sander in mind. Ottoheinrich Sander started off as pioneer of organic wines in the fifties of last century.

Today, the estate is the oldest organic wine producer in Germany, having more than 50 years of organic wine experience. The ladybird has become the trademark for 25 hectares of habitat for many animals and rare plant species. Due to decades of omitting insecticides, precious habitats have been able to develop, where truly healthy vines are able to prosper on loess soil with high humus content.

The result: modern natural wines with the character of the terroir. Glass for glass organic top quality, intense aroma fruity character.

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