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Weingut Richard Richter
Marktstraße 19
56333 Winningen/Mosel

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Angle your head – and the world looks different immediately. Thomas and Klaus Richter discover new perspectives in the terraced vineyards around Winningen where the supposedly constant suddenly appears changed altogether. This is mirrored in their wines: beautiful and yet strange and different. 

Or the other way around! Their basis is deeply rooted in the terroir of the terraces around Winningen, belonging to the region of Rhine-Mosel. Their wines are snapshots which get to business, sensorically speaking, breaking taboos. The Richters belong to those winemakers who, brave and self-confident, and completely independent stylistically, constantly reinvent themselves.

The motive behind their work is neither any attitude nor calculation. The wines simply are wines… with enough space for messages which hit you right in the heart.

Wein ist Denken und Tun, Wein ist Wachstum und Wohlstand, Wein ist Sorge und Genuss der Menschen. Wein ist Rede und Antwort.

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