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THE Dragon Rock is a famous landmark of the region, being part of the Siebengebirge (“Seven Mountains”), a very picturesque part of the Rhineland. It starts south of the city of Bonn and stretches to the southern boundary of North Rhine-Westphalia. The mild climatic conditions of the Cologne-Bonn bay as well as the light, potash rich porous rock and clay containing greywacke soil are ideal conditions for wine farming.

Powerful wines grow here, wines of unique character. Right next to the river Rhine is the impressive Dragon Rock (Drachenstein), steeped in legend. On its slopes, where wine has been cultivated for generations, is our wine estate Pieper. With our 9 hectares under acreage we are the largest wine state in North-Rhine Westphalia. Our vineyards are mainly on steep slope.

We cultivate ten different white wine varieties and two red wines, all of which are marketed under the brand “Drachenfels”. The world famous and trade mark registered red wine “Drachenblut” (dragon blood) is exported all over the world. Pieper wines are rewarded numerously by the Landwirtschaftskammer (Department of Agriculture) and with prizes for the best Siebengebirgs wine (gold medal).

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