Wine Estate Himmel


Weingut Himmel
Annette und Emmerich Himmel GbR
Holger-Crafoord-Straße 4
65239 Hochheim am Main

Telefon: +49 (0) 61 46 - 65 90
Telefax: +49 (0) 61 46 - 60 15 70



In the world-renowned wine and sparkling wine town of Hochheim am Main, the families Himmel and Lauer manage the wine estate Himmel in a generation project beyond family relations. The estate has about 10 hectares of vineyards in top sites. Special attention is paid to the production of top Rieslings, followed by Pinot Noirs and Pinot Blancs.

Playing with the impressive variations of those grape varieties is made possible by the prevailing optimum topographic and climatic conditions. Wines are both matured in steel tanks and wood, some for years. Vineyards are looked after with passion and perfectionism, paying close attention to healthy and fully-ripened grapes.

This is the foundation for brilliant and pure wines full of elegance and playfulness. Decade-long experience, unusual ideas and that special gut instinct - those are the ingredients for uncompromisingly good wines with a tangible suspension. That´s the secret of Himmel Wein 

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