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Weingut Georg Müller Stiftung
Eberbacher Strasse 7-9
65347 Hattenheim im Rheingau

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The wine estate was founded in 1882 by Georg Müller, co-owner of a famous Sekt winey in Eltville. The estate owns 18 hectares of excellent sites, such as Nussbrunnen, Wisselbrunnen, Hassel, Schützenhaus, Jungfer and Lenchen. In 1913, Georg Müller donated the winery which was then already well known beyond the boundaries of Rheingau, to his hometown Hattenheim.

Then the name changed to “Georg Müller Stiftung”. In 2003, the town of Hattenheim sold it to the current owner Peter Winter, who modernized it with extensive investments. Peter Winter and his team around estate manager Tim Lilientröm combine tradition and future. As a member of the VDP (Association of German Predicate Wine Estates) they are committed to most stringent quality standards.

Numerous national and international rewards show year after year that the team around Winter reaches that goal: Bundesehrenpreis des Ministeriums für Landwirtschaft und Ernährung, Beste Rotweinkollektion Deutschlands (DLG), Bester Riesling Europas (International Riesling Challenge, Canberra), Bester trockener Riesling (Mundus Vini).

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