Wine Estate Fortynine Point Nine


Weingut FortyNine Point Nine
Rappstr. 2a
65366 Geisenheim

Telefon: +49 (0) 163 458 9114



… but with international experience in wine-making, a high quality standard and with ample enthusiasm for wine – that is how we started our project in 2013 in Geisenheim. 49point9 – hand-made wine from the 50th latitude. The Rheingau offers ideal conditions: a long ripening period and a harmony of sunny days and cool nights. This combination is the basis for golden, aromatic grapes having maximum quality potential.

In the cellar, we experiment with maceration, creating wines far away from mainstream. For our wine-making, we implement new ideas and our international experiences from South Africa, Australia and France. Grapes are gently pressed; we allow natural sedimentation, leading to very clear Riesling musts. Slow fermentation and maturation on fine lees give the wines their distinctive taste. Each and every vat in our cellar has its own character.

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