Hungry for Excitement? Here´s the Happy End for Wine Lovers!

The RheinWeinWelt Wine Lounge

“Enjoyment is a fascinating phenomenon. It is physical and spiritual, private and public, solid and liquid, measured and without measure. A very intensive relationship to the world. The epitome of sensual living. In moments like these we sigh or moan or smile happily within” – says Gero von Randow in his wonderful book “Genießen, eine Ausschweifung”.

In the RheinWeinWelt, this happiness flows in abundance. Our innovative concept gives so much joy. It is comparable to a sensory obstacle course of wines by the most exciting wine estates along the river Rhine and main which you will find nowhere else.

Feel the spirit of the wine with all f of your five senses, a wonderful feeling and a true piece of joie de vivre which we celebrate in the cuisine of our wine lounge. Taste, see, smell, hear and feel regionality, diversity of specialities, curiosity and the desire to taste.

Discover our unusual wine accessories and specialities – some of the delis on offer are from our own production. Also on offer are wine tastings theme tastings, wine events and culinary seminars in German and English.

Excellent Wines

Quaffable, lively, full-bodied – or rather soft and harmonious?

Whatever you feel like, you will find just the right wine for you in our wine lounge. Our wines from Rheingau, Rheinhessen and Mittelrhein from Flörsheim to Koblenz are excellent!

Taste for yourself.

Specialities Typical of the Region

There are treats which you want to eat all over again. And then there are special treats where there is joyful anticipation.

You will have both in our wine lounge – the beloved classics and seasonal specials – always delicious!

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