Wine Tastings – For Those Thirsty for Knowledge

Already in ancient times it was said that wine contains truth. For the RheinWeinWelt Rüdesheim, however, there are a number of truths. In wine and sparkling wine you will learn the various aspects of grape juice. Join us on a wine journey to the region, learn a lot about the viniculture at the Mittelrhein, get a sense for the complexity of a grape variety or enjoy the individual charm, quality and style of a particular wine maker. You may choose the theme of the wine tasting or let us make the choice for you.

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Gourmet Cheese Course with Cheese Tasting and Wine

In this course you will learn how to make cheese in small copper kettles. During the break, cheese master Reiner Wechs will present an exquisite selection of cheeses from the affinage cellars of the Rheingau Affineur with corresponding wines. You will be able to take your cheese, a feta-style cheese, home with you. You will also receive your personal „Deputy cheese-maker diploma“. Price includes mineral water, wine, and bread. 69€ per person.

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Culture – More Impressions

The Mittelrhein is home to many culture-historical treasures and gems. Discovering the importance of history, culture and wine of the region is an important aspect and part of the RheinWeinWelt concept. Concerts, exhibitions and readings promote communication, enhancing the associative perception of wine and furthers a joyful social togetherness.

Painting by Tina Lauer „Whisky“

For Hire - For Your Events with a Lasting Impression

Private party or business event – our unique and special location will give your celebration that very special touch. We offer you that extraordinary mix of history, tradition and fascinating aesthetic environment.

Teambuilding, wine tasting, party… the unequalled atmosphere and excellent service is the perfect backdrop for your event.

Contact Annette Perabo, phone + 49 (0) 6722 94 40 277

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