It´s Christmas Time in the RheinWeinWelt

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Christmas is a time for thinking of our loved ones, a time to slow down and forget about our daily chores. Decorating our house, dressing up the table, serving good food – all that means happiness and warmth for many of us. Especially when eating

a slice of the traditional Stollen, with marzipan and lots of butter hand-made by the Rüdesheim traditional bakery Dries.

Only the finest ingredients are used to bake this traditional German Christmas Stollen.

Orange peel, nuts and raisins are soaked in Riesling and the Stollen, each single one hand-made, are gently baked. Now they are maturing in one of our brandy tanks for optimal flavour, waiting to be wrapped and set on your table.

We have discovered for you an exciting array of delicatessen, accessories and exceptional gifts, hand-made from the region – pop into our boutique and surprise your friend and family with that extra special present!

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